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Solute Details for p-Cresylsulfate (free)
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Base data
Name p-Cresylsulfate (free)
Molecular weight 187
Group Phenol
Class Protein-bound [4]
Added 01.08.2012
Reference Pubmed: 22626821
Submitted by Beige
Reviewed by Abou Deif

Normal concentrations (CN)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
03.05.20120.08 (+/-0.09) mg/L1Free p-cresylsulphate is a predictor ...Abou DeifArgiles[16]
Grand mean0.08 (+/-0.09) mg/L1

Uremic concentrations (CU)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
03.05.20122.60 (+/-5.10) mg/L139Free p-cresylsulphate is a predictor ...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean2.60 (+/-5.10) mg/L139

Relative increase (CU/CN) 32.50 times higher than the average normal concentration.

Pathological associations
09.07.2007CardiovascularP-cresylsulphate, the main in vivo me...P-cresylsulfate has a pro-inflammatory effect on unstimulated leucocytes. This could contribute to the propensity to vascular disease in the uraemic population.
03.05.2012NephrologicFree p-cresylsulphate is a predictor ...Free p-cresylsulphate is a predictor of mortality in patients at different stages of chronic kidney disease.
02.11.2012Nephrologicp-Cresyl sulphate and indoxyl sulphat...P-Cresyl-Sulfate levels may help in predicting the risk of renal progression in patients having different stages of CKD.

4This protein-bound solute has a molecular weight conforming to middle molecules.
16Excluded from analysis of variance for missing arithmetic mean, standard deviation or sample count.