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Base data
Name Motiline
Molecular weight 2699
Group Peptide
Class Middle molecule
Added 16.09.2009
Reference Pubmed: 17651115
Submitted by Schepers
Reviewed by Abou Deif

Normal concentrations (CN)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
02.01.200525.40 (+/-2.80) ng/L2Omeprazole raises somatostatin and mo...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean25.40 (+/-2.80) ng/L2

Uremic concentrations (CU)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
18.01.1985201.00 (+/-213.20) ng/L15Chronic renal failure: effect of hemo...Abou DeifArgiles
08.04.1993672.10 (+/-342.20) ng/L11Changes in plasma levels of vasoactiv...Abou DeifArgiles
26.02.1996491.22 (+/-110.96) ng/L10Dialysis fluid temperature and vasoac...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean425.56 (+/-241.12) (201.00-672.10) ng/L36
ANOVAF(2,33) = 17.66, p=0.00: Significant differences between group means.
DispersionL:201.00, M:425.56, H:672.10 : B - (Medium scatter: Considerable degree of uncertainty.)

Relative increase (CU/CN) 16.75 times higher than the average normal concentration.

Pathological associations
01.05.1990OncologicIncreased plasma motilin concentratio...At concentrations over 900 pg/ml plasma motilin appears to be a tumour marker for small cell carcinoma of the lung with acceptable sensitivity (59%) and specificity (78%).

No notes.