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Base data
Name Adiponectin
Molecular weight 28000
Group Protein
Class Middle molecule
Added 14.01.2011
Reference Pubmed: 14529883
Submitted by Beige
Reviewed by Abou Deif

Normal concentrations (CN)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
08.07.20048.70 (+/-4.80) mg/L22Plasma adiponectin concentration befo...BeigeAbou Deif
Grand mean8.70 (+/-4.80) mg/L22

Uremic concentrations (CU)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
25.02.200215.00 (+/-7.70) mg/L227Adiponectin, metabolic risk factors, ...Abou DeifArgiles
08.07.200420.80 (+/-8.30) mg/L44Plasma adiponectin concentration befo...BeigeAbou Deif
28.09.200422.20 mg/L107Adiponectin in renal disease: relatio...Abou DeifArgiles[16]
Grand mean17.71 (+/-6.60) (15.00-22.20) mg/L378
ANOVAF(1,269) = 4.04, p=0.05: Significant differences between group means.
DispersionL:15.00, M:17.71, H:22.20 : A - (Minimal scatter: High consistency.)

Relative increase (CU/CN) 2.04 times higher than the average normal concentration.

Pathological associations
30.11.-0001CardiovascularHigher circulating adiponectin levels...Higher levels of adiponectin are associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation in older adults.
14.08.2006CardiovascularComparison of serum high-molecular we...Determination of HMW Adiponectin relative to total serum Adiponectin is useful for evaluating coronary artery disease in type 2 diabetic patients.
03.12.2006CardiovascularRenal insulin resistance syndrome, ad...Hypoadiponectinemia is a putative cardiovascular risk factor in patients with mild and moderate renal failure.
08.04.2008otherAdiponectin and mortality in patients...High adiponectin is associated with increased mortality in this cohort of patients with chronic kidney disease stages 3 to 4.
29.09.2008EndocrinologyTotal and high-molecular-weight adipo...Adiponectin is strongly and inversely associated with risk for diabetes.
12.05.2015OncologicA lower serum level of middle-molecul...Low serum level of adiponectin is an independent risk factor for endometrial cancer. The application of adiponectin might prevent or decrease the risk for endometrial cancer.

16Excluded from analysis of variance for missing arithmetic mean, standard deviation or sample count.