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Solute Details for Parathyroid hormone
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Base data
Name Parathyroid hormone
Molecular weight 9225
Group Peptide
Class Middle molecule
Added 16.09.2009
Reference Pubmed: 12675874
Submitted by Vanholder
Reviewed by Abou Deif

Normal concentrations (CN)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
12.09.19830.51 (+/-0.03) µg/L30Comparison between the plasma concent...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean0.51 (+/-0.03) µg/L30

Uremic concentrations (CU)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
14.03.20001.20 (+/-0.60) µg/L10Effect of 22-oxacalcitriol on bone hi...VanholderAbou Deif
02.07.20030.22 (+/-0.03) µg/L74Relationship between plasma level of ...Abou DeifArgiles
11.01.20040.33 (+/-0.37) µg/L58Close association between parathyroid...Abou DeifArgiles
08.06.20070.28 (+/-0.10) µg/L14Altered motor nerve excitability in e...Abou DeifArgiles
08.04.20080.41 (+/-0.42) µg/L12Hemodialysis acutely improves hepatic...Abou DeifArgiles
08.01.20110.23 (+/-0.18) µg/L62Long-term effects of high-efficiency ...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean0.31 (+/-0.26) (0.22-1.20) µg/L230
ANOVAF(5,224) = 25.62, p=-0.00: Significant differences between group means.
DispersionL:0.22, M:0.31, H:1.20 : B - (Medium scatter: Considerable degree of uncertainty.)

Relative increase (CU/CN) 0.60 times higher than the average normal concentration.

Pathological associations
11.01.2004CardiovascularClose association between parathyroid...This study shows the role of excess PTH in the development of left ventricular hypertrophy as well as low LV ejection fraction.

No notes.