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Solute Details for Creatinine
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Base data
Name Creatinine
Molecular weight 113
Group Guanidine
Class Water-soluble
Added 16.09.2009
Reference Pubmed: 12675874
Submitted by Vanholder
Reviewed by Abou Deif

Normal concentrations (CN)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
23.04.1973 (?-12.00) mg/L23Volatile phenols in serum of uraemic ...VanholderAbou Deif[10] [16]
08.06.20068.86 (+/-1.27) mg/L16Plasma guanidino compounds are altere...Abou DeifArgiles[2] [15]
29.06.20159.70 (+/-0.16) mg/L835Calcium supplementation increases blo...Abou DeifArgiles
Grand mean9.68 (+/-0.24) (8.86-12.00) mg/L851
ANOVAF(1,849) = 381.42, p=0.00: Significant differences between group means.
DispersionL:8.86, M:9.68, H:12.00 : A - (Minimal scatter: High consistency.)

Uremic concentrations (CU)
DateMean (+/-SD) (low Range - high Range)nReferenceSubmitted byReviewed byNotes
23.04.1973136.00 (+/-46.00) (?-240.00) mg/L19746Volatile phenols in serum of uraemic ...VanholderAbou Deif
Grand mean136.00 (+/-46.00) (?-240.00) mg/L19746

Relative increase (CU/CN) 14.04 times higher than the average normal concentration.

Pathological associations
12.04.2001Neurologic and CNSEndogenous guanidino compounds as ure...May play an important role in the etiology of uremic encephalopathy.

2Units reported as mol/l transformed to g/l as C(g/l) = [C(mol/l) * molecular weight]
10Only maximum range available, or detection limit used as maximum range.
15Standard error converted to standard deviation as SD = SEM * sqrt(n)
16Excluded from analysis of variance for missing arithmetic mean, standard deviation or sample count.