Uremic Solutes Database

The European Uremic Toxin (EUTox) invites researchers in the field of nephrology
to participate in collecting additional data on uremic toxins.
If you have a sound nephrological background and interest and feel like you could contribute to the uremic toxin database, please fill out this registration form to submit additional data.

After registration, you will be able to

  1. Suggest a new solute:
    If you feel a uremic toxin solute should be included in the database, fill out the form under "Submit Solute" and it will be reviewed by the group.
  2. Submit a new value:
    If you have a new concentration value (normal, uremic or maximum concentration) for one of the existing solutes, fill out the form under "Submit Value" together with a pubmed ID as reference and it will be reviewed by the group.
  3. Comment on other data:
    If you have comments or corrections on existing data, such as molecular weight, references or even a wrong spelling, please use the form to directly contact us.

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