Uremic Solutes Database

The European Uremic Solutes Database (EUTox-db) is a initiative of the European Work Group on Uremic toxins (EUTox) of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO).

This database is a web-based, interactive tool both providing and collecting informations on biological significance of uremic solutes based on a review paper of uremic compounds published in Kidney International, May 2003; 63 (5) 1934 - 43.

With the permission of the Editor ("Used with permission from Kidney International, volume 63, pages 1934-1943, 2003."), EUToxdb provides searchable informations on these compounds in an interactive manner and aims to use its database structure for internal communication of the EUTox group members.

After peer-reviewed publication, as far as future publishers provide permission, future data will be provided to the public using the EUToxdb site as well.

The authors would appreciate being contacted about uremic solutes or concentrations that are not listed in this publication. Please use the following e-mail address: raymond.vanholder@rug.ac.be.

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